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Unleashing the next wave of growth companies has reached a plateau that requires a well-charted course. Every scenario is unique, and at Anfield, we have fine-tuned a methodology that only propels portfolio companies towards new heights of success.Thorough constant dialogue, we harness valuable insights and develop a comprehensive understanding of the companies with which we collaborate. This enables us to act as insightful partners, equipped with a precise plan for value enhancement & the ultimate exit.

GlobalGuard iT

GlobalGuard iT (GGiT) fills a unique role in the U.S. cyber defense market, poised for global expansion. With the surge in cyber threats and cloud computing, organizations seek innovative security solutions.

GlobalMac iT

Established as an industry leader in legal technology and training, GlobalMac IT has been unwavering in its support for small to mid-sized “Mac-based” companies since 2006.

Central Orbit

Since 1998, Central Orbit’s team has been dedicated to creating successful businesses around the globe, mostly in the APAC region. Our goal is to help companies overcome the hurdles faced in doing cross-country and cross-cultural business.