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Yochai Golan

Yochai Golan

Principal, M&A

As the Principal of M&A and the head of the Israeli branch, Yochai Golan is instrumental in forging strategic collaborations with Israeli enterprises. His expertise in cross-border business practices and his talent for bridging cultural gaps have facilitated the global expansion of numerous Israeli firms. Before joining Anfield, Yochai founded an investment company dedicated to international investments and business growth, further solidifying his 25-year reputation in aiding both startups and large corporations in their cross-border endeavors.

Prior to joining the team, Yochai founded an investment company focused on cross-border investments and business development which has since merged with Anfield. With more than 25 years of expertise in supporting start-ups and major corporations with their international expansion, he possesses the essential skills to manage the complexities of strategic business partnerships.

Fluent in five languages, Yochai’s linguistic skills enhance his understanding of varied cultural dynamics. Outside work, he enjoys traveling, experimenting with various cuisines, and exploring the Israeli deserts in his off-road SUV¬†when not playing the role of dad, that he so much enjoys.