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Svetlana Touline

Svetlana Touline

Principal, Underwriting

As the Principal of Underwriting, Svetlana blends her deep financial analysis skills with practical investment insights. Through detailed evaluations of financial data and market trends, she identifies and assesses the viability of investment opportunities. With a keen sense for potential risks, Svetlana ensures that each investment aligns with the strategic objectives, while her emphasis on due diligence guarantees well-researched decisions.

Prior from her role at Anfield, Svetlana co-founded a Private Equity Fund focusing on international investments. She has held positions as a Director of Underwriting at another PE firm with a focus on commercial real estate and has overseen operations at Sherwin-Williams, where she contributed to streamlining processes.

Svetlana earned Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and International Business from Cleveland State University with top honors. Back in Russia, she pursued International Relations at South Ural State University, earning a prestigious scholarship. Her education is rounded out with the accomplishment of CFA Levels 1 and 2.

Outside of her career, Svetlana enjoys an active lifestyle playing tennis, cycling, and traveling with her family.