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Rob Glickman

Rob Glickman

General Counsel

As General Counsel, Rob role is defined by his in-depth legal knowledge, exceptional due diligence capabilities, and expertise in structuring deals. His leadership and dedication play a pivotal role in guiding the company’s legal processes and ensuring optimal deal outcomes.

In addition to his responsibilities at Anfield, Rob is a Managing Partner at McCarthy Lebit, where he has been since 2004. He has taken on roles representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a range of cases, from white-collar crime to professional negligence. His experience also extends to alternative dispute resolution, where he has served as a mediator, arbitrator, and private judge.

Rob’s legal education was completed at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 1992. Before joining McCarthy Lebit, he held diverse roles such as Prosecutor and Judge and shared his knowledge as an Adjunct Professor of law at Cleveland State University.

In his downtime, Rob enjoys spending time traveling with his wife and daughters. Rob is also a frequent lecturer and panelist at various continuing education seminars.