Kseniya Rosenschild-Paulin

Kseniya Rosenschild-Paulin

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager at Anfield, Kseniya focuses on front–to–back support across a broad range of company assets. She brings analytical, operational and project management expertise to the team. Kseniya’s extensive international exposure, spanning across continents, has equipped her with a multifaceted perspective on business operations and has been instrumental in shaping her adaptive and inclusive management style.

Kseniya has held various roles in Supply Chain, Marketing and Sales with major multinational corporations like Japan Tobacco International and Nestlé. In her latest role based in Switzerland, Kseniya oversaw Marketing and Sales operations for Nestlé’s Ethnic food business across Europe.

In her native Moscow, Kseniya studied Linguistics and holds a BA in Philology. She also studied economics and earned a postgraduate diploma in Investment and Innovation Management. More recently, Kseniya received an MBA degree in International Management from the University of London.

Kseniya is an avid fitness enthusiast. She, along with her husband and three children, is passionate about the arts and exploring nature.