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Adnan Zai

Adnan Zai

Principal, Global Strategy

Adnan has always had a key role in global business, capital markets as a specialist in forming strategic partnerships. Leveraging his extensive network from previous cross-border transactions within Tech & Real Estate and having lived on three continents–he provides a unique lens on strategy in deal structuring, tech-transfer, and fundraising.

With a background in international finance and marketing from Boston University, his expertise is marked by a decade of entrepreneurial experience across diverse industries in New York City. Upon relocating to Cleveland, he embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey. He founded and successfully sold two private equity funds, one focusing on real estate and the other on bio-med IP investments in Asia. These ventures, with offices spanning the globe, attracted substantial domestic and foreign investments with successful exits.

Adnan’s impact extends beyond the boardroom. His commitment to mentoring emerging leaders and supporting initiatives in schools & universities–defines his dedication to fostering the next generation of leaders. Adnan is a contributing writer to Entrepreneur Magazine as well as a part of the magazine’s Leadership Network.

When not absolutely loving being a father to his three children… Adnan’s passion for global soccer shines through as an avid follower of the English Premier League. Whenever evening matches air in U.S. during business hours, occasional shouts can be heard from his office.